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Alicia Merrett

I am a contemporary art quilter, working mainly with the techniques of freehand-cutting and piecing, and fused collage. My inspiration is varied: the natural and urban environments, literature, music, ideas. My passion is colour and I use it in my own personal way. My best known series is on maps and aerial views, but recently I have been experimenting with digital designs, which are then printed on fabric, layered and stitched.

I am a teacher and a speaker. My work can be seen in my website, and I can be contacted on: . The workshops I teach are listed there; new ones are added from time to time. My lectures are digital presentations, and I bring my own digital projector. I exhibit world-wide.

I teach regularly at the Festival of Quilts, both in the Academy and the Quick & Easy sessions, and in 2019 I had a 3-D piece in my new style in the Quilt Creations category, and also some work in the SAQA ‘Dusk to Dawn’ gallery.

I am a member of Contemporary Quilters West, and our next exhibition, ‘Unfolding Stories 4’ will be at Lansdown Gallery in Stroud, May 12 to 24, 2020.

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I accept commissions and I am available as a teacher and a speaker.

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